Use A Compass To Grow Your Business

Two days ago I was at a Church conference. I was struck by a story the preacher was telling about an SAS soldier he knew. The SAS soldier told him he is always guided by the four points on a compass. They guide his actions, thoughts, and life, and drive him to complete his missions….

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Use the Business Hierarchy of Needs to Move Your Business Forward

This is a special guest blog by the one and only, inimitable Mike Michalowicz! He has written an incredible book called Fix This Next, which I, as a Certified Fix This Next Advisor, have had the privilege to read already, and I can’t tell you just how much this book could change your business. So…

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Adventure and Risk

New for Old 2020 is fast approaching and everyone everywhere seems to be making New Year Resolutions. Here’s the thing though: No one keeps to those resolutions. (Or at least, I never do!) I have lost count of the number of times I have Resolved to lose weight, get out of debt, make more time…

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