Welcome to Becoming a Business Podcast!

This podcast is for anyone looking to start, build, or grow their business.

It’s so easy to get disheartened when the only people we hear from are those who have already built enormous successful businesses.

Of course, there are always times to be inspired and motivated by them, but their results can seem so far from where we are that it is actually more disheartening than encouraging.

This is why on Becoming a Business we are going to focus on interviewing people who have built successful businesses, but who are also still within reach.

Every now and again we may interview someone who has built a multi-million international conglomerate, but most weeks we will be speaking to successful business owners who still remember how they got where they are.

We won’t be focusing on people who have been around for ever…

We won’t be focusing on people who have been in business for decades because business has changed so much since they first started.

Instead we will be focusing on normal people, like Kate Whyley from www.katewhyley.com who has built an international business from the comfort of her own home, inspired by her grandmother.

Or Pete Heslop from Steadfast Collective, who has built a digital product agency and is only 26 years old.

So join us every week to discover more inspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to share their success and failures with you so that you can start, build, and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

So please Subscribe, Rate, and Review the Podcast and be inspired to build something incredible!

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